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Crafting with toilet rolls

Using Bamboi toilet rolls for crafts is not only a fun activity, but also sustainable.

Crafting with toilet rolls is a fun, affordable and eco-friendly way to be artistic. Toilet rolls can be transformed into a wide range of different creations, from animals and decorations to other toys. To craft with toilet rolls, you don’t need much. Scissors, paper and glue will get you a long way.

Crafting with toilet rolls is not only a fun activity, but also helps reduce waste and promote sustainability. Toilet rolls are readily available and most people have them in their homes. In this blog article, we give some ideas to craft with toilet rolls for adults and children. First, we will go into what animals can be crafted with toilet rolls. Then we will show that crafting with toilet rolls can be done year-round. Finally, we give a few ways to reuse the wrappers from Bambooi toilet rolls.

Ideas crafts with toilet rolls

Crafting with toilet paper rolls is easy and a fun DIY project for children and adults. By using string, glue, paint, and other materials, details and character can be added to the empty toilet roll. This is a great way to reuse Bamboi toilet rolls and encourage creativity through crafting. Gather the supplies and start crafting your own unique figures out of cardboard.

Crafts with toilet rolls: animals

Crafting animals with a toilet roll is easy. The toilet rolls can be transformed with paint and eyes into different creatures such as unicorns, squirrels, hedgehogs, horses, spiders, sheep, penguins, butterflies and dinosaurs. Below is a brief and concise explanation of how to craft the above animals with Bambooi toilet rolls.

Crafts with toilet rolls unicorn

To make a unicorn out of toilet paper rolls, you will need the following materials: paper, glue, scissors, a marker, pink paint, glitter (or sequins), rainbow wool for the tail and a toilet paper roll.

Cut a strip of paper long and wide enough to fit completely around the roll. Wrap the paper around the toilet roll and glue it in place. To make the mane and tail, place four fingers together and wrap yarn around them until a thick “circle” of yarn forms. Carefully pull the circle of wool away from your fingers. Tie the yarn in the middle with another piece of wool. Now cut both below and above the thick circle of wool in half. The wool is now the same length on each side of the tied part. Knot the yarn again at one end and then cut the yarn into two pieces. Make sure one piece is longer than the other.

Glue the smaller piece of yarn into the top of the toilet paper roll and let some of it hang over the toilet paper roll. This is the unicorn’s pony. Glue the larger piece of yarn to the middle of the toilet roll at the back. This is the tail of the unicorn. You can still trim both the bangs and the tail to the desired length.

Cut out a horn from the paper and sprinkle glitter on it. Glue the horn on top of the rainbow wool pony. Cut the ears out of cardboard in the shape of two triangles, pinch them closed and secure them with a little glue. Glue the ears on top of the hair of yarn. Dig the bottom of the ears into the hair so that the glue is not visible. Draw eyes with black marker on the toilet roll. Dip your finger in pink paint and give the unicorn pink cheeks. The toilet paper unicorn is ready!

Squirrel craft toilet roll

Another animal you can make with toilet paper rolls is a squirrel. For this you will need: a toilet roll, a squirrel template, a marker, eyes, glue and tape. First, print out the template. Then color in the template with the markers. Cut out the ears, tail and body of the squirrel from the paper. Then glue the ears to the body and glue the eyes. Then glue the squirrel body with the ears around the paper roll. Glue the tail to the right side so that it is still visible. Ta da, the squirrel is ready!

Hedgehog craft toilet roll

To craft a hedgehog from toilet paper rolls, you will need the following materials: a compass, four toilet rolls, glue, brown paint and eyes.

Cut one of the four toilet rolls in half lengthwise to create a rectangle. Then use the compass to draw a circle on the cardboard of the toilet roll and cut it out. Then cut the circle in half to make two half circles. One of the semicircles fold the straight side into a point. This is the snout of the hedgehog. Stick the muzzle together with tape. Also cut the second toilet roll in half lengthwise and roll it into a smaller roll, the same size as the back of the snout. This is the body. Tape the muzzle and body together. Together they form a kind of rocket. Cut at the end of the bodice four times and close the bodice.
Next, take the remaining two rolls and paint them brown. Then draw and cut the spines in straight lines from the cardboard of the toilet paper roll. Then glue the spines horizontally on the hedgehog’s body to create a big bunch of spines. Then make two round ears and glue them just behind the muzzle, in front of the spines. Make a ball out of a wad of tape to serve as his nose. Finally, paint his snout also brown with a dot of black and glue the eyes on. Now your hedgehog is ready!

Horse crafting toilet roll

To craft a horse with toilet paper rolls, you will need: a toilet paper roll, a horse template, paper (brown, black, green, beige and pink), a pencil, glue, scissors, black and pink markers, brown wool and a black pipe cleaner. This website has images illustrating how to make a horse out of toilet paper rolls.

The template consists of the horse’s head, legs and ears. You can also draw these shapes yourself on the brown paper. If you don’t, start by drawing over the head (twice), legs (four times) and ears (twice) on the brown paper. Then color the bottom of the legs black with a highlighter to make the hooves. From the beige paper, cut two small triangles for the inside of the ears and a half circle for the muzzle. Cut out the muzzle and attach it to the horse’s brown head. Repeat for both heads.

Wrap the toilet roll in brown paper and glue in place. This is the horse’s body. To make the horse’s mane, cut the wool into pieces in a length of your choice. Take one of the two horse heads, turn over and glue the pieces of wool to the inside of the horse head (that is, this is the inside side, the side where the muzzle is not glued on). Then turn the horse’s head back over and attach the eyes and draw the nostrils. Take the green paper and draw the saddle, cut it out and glue it to the horse’s back. Then grab both heads attach to both sides of the toilet roll. Let the noses touch.

To make the stirrups, bend two short pieces of black pipe cleaner into a pair of stirrups. Cut two small pieces of black paper. Fold one end of the black paper around the pipe cleaner and secure with glue to finish the stirrups. Glue the stirrups to the bottom of the saddle on either side of the body. Then wrap the remaining wool around your fingers a few times and tie a small piece of yarn at the end of the bundle. Glue this to the back of the horse’s body. This is the tail. Finally, glue the four feet to the body. Done!

Spider craft toilet roll

Another animal you can craft with a toilet roll is a spider. For this you will need: a toilet roll, black paint, two eyes and white tape. This video explains how to craft a spider from a toilet roll.

Paint the toilet roll black. Make a few notches on one of the two ends of the toilet roll and fold it inward. This is the spider’s back. Then cut eight indentations at the other end of the toilet roll. These form the legs. Leave a wide gap between the legs. The wide piece serves as the spider’s head. Fold out the legs and also the head. Stick the eyes on the head and use tape to make a cross on the body. Voila, the spider is ready!

Sheep craft toilet roll

To make a sheep from toilet paper rolls, you will need the following materials: a toilet paper roll, cotton balls, black cardboard, water, glue, aluminum foil, a ping-pong ball, straws, black marker and eyes. For a detailed explanation of how to make a sheep from a toilet paper roll, you can watch the video.

Take the cotton balls out of the bag and form balls by wetting them and rolling them between your hands. This becomes the coat of the sheep. Next, form a wad of aluminum foil and push the wad into one of the two ends of the toilet roll. Also seal the other side of the toilet roll with aluminum foil. This is the back of the sheep. Then glue the cotton balls all over the roll, including the back, up to the wad of aluminum foil.

Take the two straws and cut them into four equal parts. Wrap them in black paper and glue the paper to the straws. These are the four legs of the sheep. Then glue the legs to the bottom of the body. Press the cotton balls against the legs with glue for extra reinforcement.

Cut four small circles from the black paper and attach them to the legs, These are the hooves. Take the ping pong ball and attach the eyes. Draw a triangle for the nose. Stick two more cut-out drops of black on either side of the ping pong ball to form the ears. Glue the head to the wad of aluminum foil. As a finishing touch, you can stick a little bit of a cotton ball on top of the sheep’s head, and she’s done!

Penguin crafting

If you want to craft a penguin, you will need the following materials: a toilet roll, black paint and paper (white and orange). In this video, they show how to make a penguin out of a toilet roll.

First, paint the toilet roll black. After the toilet roll dries, take the white piece of paper and cut out the belly and eyes. For the belly of the penguin cut a white round, the eyes are two white ovals. Next, take the orange paper and cut the feet and beak. The feet are also two half circles and the beak is a triangle. Stick the belly, eyes, feet and beak on the roll. Next, draw two black dots in the white eyes as pupils. Done!

Butterfly crafting

To craft a butterfly from a toilet paper roll, you will need the: a toilet paper roll, paper (red and yellow), glue, eyes (twice), buttons, scissors, a pipe cleaner and a stapler. For a clear pictorial description of how to craft a butterfly from a toilet roll, check out this video.

First, cover the toilet roll with colored paper. Cut the yellow piece of paper in half lengthwise, making sure the yellow sheet is the same length as the toilet roll. Wrap the paper around the toilet roll and adhere with glue or secure with staples. Next, make the wings. Take the red leaf, fold in half and place the toilet roll lengthwise on the piece of paper. Draw the wings. The center piece should be the same length as the toilet roll so that the wings can be attached to the body later. Next, cut a piece off the pipe rag and fold the rag into a V-shape. These are the feelers, you stick them to the top of the body of the toilet roll. Finally, glue the eyes on the body and the buttons on the butterfly’s wings for decoration.

Dinosaur crafting toilet paper

To craft a dinosaur out of toilet paper, you will need the following materials: a dinosaur template, white paper, green markers, scissors, glue, a toilet roll and an eye.

Print out the dinosaur template on paper and color the dinosaur with the markers. Cut out the body, head and legs and cut four slits for the legs. Then take each leg and fold them back and then forward. Then take the body and wrap it around the paper roll them. Glue down. Make sure there is no glue on the legs so that they are on the ground. Now take the head and cut a slit along the bottom dotted line. Fold one side to the front and one side to the back. Stick the eye on the head. Glue the head to one side of the toilet roll, and glue the tail to the other side of the roll. The dino is now ready!

Crafts with toilet rolls can be done all year round!

Crafting with toilet rolls is a fun and creative activity that you can enjoy all year round. Not only is it an excellent way to recycle, but you can also express your creativity. From simple creations such as animals and festive decorations, to more complex projects such as wall art and jewelry. The possibilities are endless. Toilet rolls can be painted, cut, glued and also combined with other materials to make something special. Whether you are a seasoned tinkerer or a beginner, crafting with toilet rolls is a great way to express yourself and add a touch of personality to your home. So grab a roll and start crafting today!

Toilet roll crafts easter

Easter is an annual celebration that brings friends and family together, and one way to make the occasion even more special is to decorate your home with homemade creations. When you want to craft around Easter, you can craft an Easter bunny, for example. To do this, in addition to a toilet roll, you will need paper (white/pink/black), a black marker or pen and finally cotton balls/pompons. To craft an Easter Bunny using a toilet paper roll, complete the following steps.

Cut a piece of white paper to fit around the toilet paper roll. Glue the white paper onto the roll to cover it completely. Then cut two small bunny ears from white or pink paper and glue them to the top of the roll. Cut two small circles from black paper for the eyes and glue them to the front of the roll, just below the ears. Then cut a triangle for the nose from pink paper and glue it under the eyes. Use a black marker or pen to add details, such as whiskers and a mouth, to the bunny’s face. Finally, you can also glue cotton balls or pompoms to the bottom of the bunny to make a tail. Your toilet paper roll Easter bunny is now finished and ready to hang!

Halloween crafts toilet roll

Halloween as a holiday is a great excuse to turn your home into a spooky haunted house. Making Halloween decorations from toilet paper rolls is then a fun and budget-friendly option to decorate the home and surrounding area. One of the Halloween decorations you can make is a pumpkin. Making a pumpkin out of toilet rolls is easy, durable and simple. Unlike the previous craft ideas, to craft a pumpkin use an unused toilet roll. You will also need a cinnamon stick, an orange cloth or paper and a green ribbon.

First, wrap the orange cloth around the toilet roll until the paper is completely covered. Then stick the cinnamon stick at the top of the toilet roll. This is the stem. Next, wrap the green ribbon around the cinnamon stick. Your toilet paper roll pumpkin is now complete and ready to put down!

In addition to the pumpkin, there are other Halloween decorations that can be made with toilet paper rolls. Here are a few more examples:

Mummies: Wrap a toilet paper roll with white gauze or cloth and add googly eyes for a cute and easy mummy decoration.

Spiders: Paint a toilet paper roll black and add eight legs from pipe cleaners or black paper. You can also add eyes for a more realistic look. Another way to make a spider out of toilet rolls can be found in the above in the heading about animals crafting with toilet paper rolls.

Bats: Cut two bat wings from black paper and glue them to the sides of the toilet paper roll. Add googly eyes and a small triangular nose to complete the bat.

These are just a few ideas, with a little creativity and imagination you can make many more Halloween decorations with toilet paper rolls.

Crafts with toilet rolls autumn

Fall is a beautiful season where in the leaves fall from the trees, the temperature drops and everyone stays cozy inside. Decorating the home with extra candles and more decorations in earth tones, for example, is a great way to embrace the season. It is also an idea to make fall decorations with products and items you already have in your home. For example, with empty toilet paper rolls.

For example, it can be fun to bring autumn indoors by making a tree out of toilet rolls. To make a tree out of toilet rolls, you will need the following materials: scissors, glue gun, paint or markers (optional).

First, cut the toilet rolls into pieces of different lengths. For example, you can have three sections of different lengths for each branch. Take the longest section and glue it to the base to form the trunk of the tree. Take the shorter parts and glue them to the trunk to form branches. Repeat this process for each branch, making sure to alternate the direction of the branches to make the tree as realistic as possible. Finally, you can paint the tree a desired color or use markers to add additional details such as tree veins. This is a simple and creative way to craft a tree with toilet rolls to bring autumn into your home!

Toilet roll crafts Christmas

Christmas is the time of being together and celebrating. There are many options for bringing a little Christmas into your home, from hanging traditional decorations to putting up more unique homemade creations. As a matter of course, you can hang Christmas lights and put up a Christmas tree. In addition, hang a Christmas sock with a present in it, and you’ll come a long way. But if you want to bring sustainable and budget-friendly Christmas decorations into your home this year, making Christmas decorations with toilet paper rolls is also a fun way to add a festive touch to the home during the holidays.

For example, you can make Christmas trees by cutting toilet paper rolls into rings, painting them green and stacking them in the shape of a tree. You can also make snowmen by painting three toilet paper rolls white and gluing details such as eyes, a carrot nose and a hat. In addition, you can make wreaths by cutting toilet paper rolls into thin rings, painting them green and arranging them in a circular shape. These are just a few examples of the many Christmas decorations you can make using toilet paper rolls, and with a little creativity, you can come up with many more unique and festive ideas.

Other ideas to make from toilet rolls

It is now clear that you can make all kinds of fun and creative items from toilet paper rolls. Apart from year-round decorations, of course, there are other creations you can make. Below are three additional examples:

Rocket crafting toilet roll

Cut a toilet paper roll in half and paint the roll silver to make the middle part of the rocket. Cut a conical nose and fins from cardboard and attach them to the fuselage with glue. Apply details with markers or stickers. Your rocket is now ready to take off!

Fireworks craft toilet roll

Cut a toilet paper roll into pieces of different lengths and paint them in bright colors. Once the paint is dry, arrange the pieces in a circular shape and attach them together with glue. The end result is festive fireworks you can hang or display on a tabletop.

Fire arrow crafting toilet roll

Paint a toilet paper roll red. Cut a feather-shaped tail out of cardboard, paint it in bright colors and attach it to the bottom of the toilet roll with glue. Then cut a half circle out of cardboard to make the nose of the flare and glue it to the top. Your flare is now ready to ignite!

These are just some of the many fun and creative items you can make with toilet paper rolls. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do with kids or just want to add some unique decorations to your home, these ideas will hopefully provide some inspiration. With a little imagination and creativity, you can come up with even more unique and fun ideas that will put your crafting skills to the test. So the next time you have a toilet paper roll left over, consider making something special out of it!

Bambooi toilet paper wrappers reuse

Bamboo toilet paper is individually wrapped in a bamboo kraft paper wrapper. This wrapper keeps our toilet paper clean and soft and is an organic alternative to plastic. So the wrappers are sustainable and ecological, but it is also possible to reuse the wrappers. To wrap the apple you take to school or work, for example. Or for wrapping and transporting fragile items – such as a present or a bauble, for example. You can also craft with the wrappers. Below are three examples of what you could make with the Bambooi toilet paper wrappers.

Flower crafts Bambooi wrapper

One of the simplest and most popular crafts with the wrappers are flowers. Toilet rolls can be rolled into petals, painted or decorated with glitter, and then assembled into beautiful flowers. These flowers make wonderful decorations for your home or can be used to make bouquets, wreaths and other floral arrangements.

Wall art crafts Bambooi wrapper

Another popular craft with wrappers is wall art. Wrappers can be cut into shapes, such as stars or leaves, and then painted or decorated to create unique and eye-catching designs. These shapes can then be assembled into a collage or hung on the wall for a fun and colorful piece of wall art.

Jewelry crafting Bambooi wrapper

Wrappers can also be used to make jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Wrap the wrappers around an already existing material, such as cardboard or a plastic bead to create a colorful and ornamental piece.

This article has given just a few examples of animals you can craft with toilet rolls. There are many other animals you can craft from toilet paper rolls, for example, a chick, frog, cat, cow or a bird. We also gave a few examples of items and decorations you can craft with Bambooi toilet paper rolls. But there are many other objects you can craft from toilet paper, for example, an airplane, a castle or binoculars. Crafting with toilet rolls is a great way to get creative, save money and help the environment. So next time you have some empty toilet rolls lying around, don’t throw them away, make something beautiful out of them!

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