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Our toilet paper is made in China because the largest bamboo forests are found here. This provides a large supply of local, natural resources. In addition, China has a lot of expertise on bamboo and the Bamboi rolls are made from 100% bamboo, which makes our entire product from the core to the roll and wrapper.

Bamboi® toilet paper is less expensive than the average toilet paper. A roll of Bambooi® with a subscription costs $0.94 and is 40 meters long. Normal toilet paper averages 15 meters and costs €0.39. In comparison, a 15-meter roll of Bamboi® toilet paper would cost €0.35. So that way you are cheaper.

To give a better understanding, on average you will pay €0.2659 for 100 sheets. This average is from 26 different brands of toilet paper. Bamboi® toilet paper costs €0.2533 per 100 sheets with a subscription. This makes us 5% cheaper than the average toilet paper.

In addition, Bamboi® is climate neutral, free of deforestation, 100% organic and delivered to your home in plastic-free packaging. So on both a personal and environmental level there are gains!

Our toilet paper is individually wrapped in a bamboo kraft paper wrapper printed with vegetable oils. This wrapper keeps our toilet paper clean and soft and is an organic alternative to plastic. The cardboard boxes are custom-made by our supplier, and serve directly as a logistical tool. This way we save on extra packaging.

Fun fact: The Bamboi rolls are packaged in four different colors, which can be stacked. Each color represents a different stage of bamboo growth.

The wrapper/wrap is made of bamboo and dyed with vegetable oils. The core of the roll is also made of bamboo. So both are best left in the scrap paper.

A Bambooi box consists of 48 extra-large rolls of toilet paper. Shipping from China is Bamboi’s biggest CO2 emitter. By bringing more toilet paper to the Netherlands at once, we realize smaller CO2 emissions and contribute to a cleaner world. Currently, our toilet paper can only be ordered online, which makes shipping smaller orders unsustainable. We are working hard to sell Bamboi in your area soon, in smaller quantities, of course.

Our toilet paper is 100% organic and completely free of chemicals. Bamboo consists practically only of water and bamboo. However, the paper is not highly soluble due to the strong fibers of bamboo but can still be flushed down almost any toilet. For very old sewer systems, we recommend that you send a message to us.

All of our rolls are 100% FSC® certified with license number FSC®-C016391. Bamboi products are made from bamboo from 100% responsible forests.

Bambooi is also a Pending Bcorp. Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies that have been verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Bamboi’s other certificates:

  • Carbon trust certificate
  • Environmental management system: ISO 14001
  • Quality management system: ISO 9001
  • Paper in contact with food: FDA 21 CFR 176.170
  • Food contact materials and articles: EN 13130-1 2004
  • Employee health and safety: ISO 45001


Bamboo grows at lightning speed and requires little water and no chemicals.

During growth, bamboo stores a lot of CO2 due to its high carbon storage.

When the Bamboo has reached its storage limit and thus the end of its life, it is harvested. When harvesting, the roots of the bamboo remain in the ground and the bamboo grows back on its own. The growth process can begin again.

We turn the harvested Bamboo, full of stored CO2, into toilet paper.

No chemicals are used in the making of Bamboi products throughout the process, so each Bamboi product consists only of bamboo and water.

The result is a 100% organic toilet roll with negative CO2 emissions that is completely free of deforestation.

The big question … do you have a minute?

Recycled toilet paper is made from old paper products such as receipts and packaging. The benefit of this is that old paper gets a new purpose. The major disadvantages of recycling are that it requires a lot of water and chemicals to clean the old paper. These chemicals can be very harmful to both nature and the user. When recycled paper ends up in soil or water it damages our environment.

Bamboi paper is unbleached, free of added chemicals and therefore a 100% organic product. An organic product is biodegradable which means it can decompose in nature without damaging it with chemicals. Water usage varies by manufacturer but is at 2.5-75L water per roll compared to 1.75L water per roll for Bamboi.

Furthermore, recycled paper stores little to no CO2. Bamboo, on the other hand, stores a lot of CO2 and will remain in the paper until it decays with nature. For example, in the sewer or in a landfill. Also, the emissions from making Bambooi paper are minimal. Because no chemicals are used, this skips a lot of processes compared to recycled paper. This is how Bamboi’s products contribute to a more sustainable world.

Bambooi for business

Wondering what Bamboi can do for your business or office? Send an email to or . A customized quote, a personalized impact calculation or fun promotional stickers for in the restroom? We are happy to look at the possibilities together!

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At the time you order, you can expect your order within 1-2 days. This applies to the Netherlands and Belgium. Other countries have longer delivery time. Please contact us for this.

Once you have ordered you will receive a confirmation in the mail. Once the order is shipped you will receive another email and in this email is a track and trace code that allows you to track the order.

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