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WC paper subscription

Looking for a toilet paper subscription? Our Bamboi toilet paper subscriptions are available by the week, month and year. A subscription to toilet paper from Bambooi is durable, provides comfort and is efficient. Subscribe and save.

What is a toilet paper subscription?

A toilet paper subscription is an efficient way to ensure that you never run out of toilet paper. The concept is simple: you subscribe to Bamboi toilet paper and you choose when you want to bring ecological and sustainable toilet paper into your home. The frequency of delivery depends on the subscription you choose. These are available by week, month and year. This means you never have to go to the supermarket, convenience store or gas station at the last minute. This saves a lot of inconvenience, time and effort.

A Bambooi toilet paper subscription also offers a sustainable alternative to the traditional way of buying toilet paper. Bambooi offers an eco-friendly option that is better for the planet. Moreover, toilet paper subscriptions offer flexibility because you can adjust the frequency of deliveries, and/or interrupt them temporarily if you go on vacation.

How does a toilet paper subscription work at Bamboi?

If you’re looking for the most economical, durable and reliable toilet paper subscription, you’ve come to the right place at Bamboi. We offer premium, ultra-soft and eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper. To get started, simply choose the toilet paper subscription that works for you based on the number of rolls you need, and how often you want them delivered. You can choose from several options such as weekly, monthly and annual deliveries.

Bamboi’s toilet paper is sustainable toilet paper made from 100% FSC-certified bamboo, a sustainable and renewable resource. The toilet paper is also free of harsh chemicals, dyes and fragrances, making it gentle on the skin. When you sign up for Bamboi’s subscription service, you can rest assured that you will be delivered a high-quality product that is good for you and the environment.

Toilet paper subscription

Subscribe to sustainable toilet paper now!

In short, Bamboi’s toilet paper subscription consists of durable toilet paper and is an efficient and easy way to ensure that you are never short of toilet paper again. A toilet paper subscription from Bamboi is inexpensive, consisting of high-quality and eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper. Flexible delivery options allow you to customize the subscription to fit your needs. As icing on the cake, you get free home delivery of the Bamboi rolls. Sign up now in our webshop and switch to sustainable toilet paper!