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The benefits of toilet paper against deforestation

What does deforestation have to do with bamboo? Bambooi® has the solution against deforestation. Cutting down trees is not good for the environment and nature. It disrupts biodiversity and causes habitat loss of animal and plant species. Climate change is both a cause and a consequence of deforestation. In addition, deforestation also has a major …

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Saving water with Bambooi toilet paper

Saving water can be done in many ways. At Bamboi, you save water with bamboo toilet paper. Water conservation is the careful use and conservation of water resources, understanding the impact of use on the quantity and quality of water. Partly due to population growth, water resources around the world have come under pressure. Neglect …

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Read all about hypoallergenic

Bamboi’s bamboo toilet paper is completely free of added chemicals and therefore suitable for sensitive skin. If someone suffers from an allergy, it is wise to look for products labeled “hypoallergenic” to avoid an allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic means that a product contains few substances that cause allergies, called allergens. But because there is no generally …

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