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About Bamboi®

On the road to a greener generation!


Bamboi® was founded by us, Leroy Ranglek and Joseph Nickisch. We are two young Amsterdam entrepreneurs who grew up together and share a passion for making the world a little better. Therefore, during our college years, we decided to turn our aspiration for a more sustainable world into reality: Bambooi. Leroy has an engineering background and Joseph is at home in the corporate world. Our mix of experiences, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit developed into a dedicated duo ready for a new adventure.

We started Bamboi because we really give a shit.


We believe that our generation must change the world. And change starts with yourself. If everyone takes a small step, together we will move toward a sustainable, green world. Every step counts. That’s what we believe in. That is why we have made that step as small as possible, so that everyone can easily contribute to a better world, namely with Bamboi 100% bamboo toilet paper.