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Sustainable going to the bathroom?

With Bamboi® 100% forest-friendly bamboo toilet paper, you contribute to a better world, just from the toilet.

The power of Bambooi®.

Forest Friendly

Bamboi® uses only FSC® certified bamboo, protecting the earth’s forests.

CO2 negative

Bamboo has high carbon storage. Reduce your carbon footprint by almost 7 kg CO2 per box.


Completely free of added chemicals and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.


Wrapped in bamboo paper and shipped in 100% recycled cardboard.

Why Bamboi® toilet paper?

With Bamboi®, you contribute to a better world. Because our toilet paper prevents unnecessary deforestation, removes CO2 from the air and saves gallons of water. Our mission is that together with our users, we can make the world a little better with every toilet visit. In addition, Bamboi® is delivered to your home in a climate-neutral, plastic-free package and our toilet paper is biodegradable.

Are you rolling with us?

We are on a mission to achieve by 2024

100,000 KG

Saving CO2


save trees

300.000 L

save water